Phony Social Contractors 

Been a long time since I wrote anything on the blog, for the blog, for the legitimate readers of WordPress. It’s not that I haven’t been writing at all, whatever I’ve written till now is in bits and pieces on papers lying around on the dusty table of mine.  Why have I not written anything […]

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Cosmic dance of the two

It’s a wave; everything lying around helplessly, pulled by gravity and pushed by dark energy is lying on a successive wave that began 14 billion years ago. Big Bang is the origination of an art form. There are some creatures wandering helplessly carrying their ugly, beautiful or mesmerizing forms and whatever else may have come […]

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Storytellers’ fallacy part II

Astroficboy – If one sees a ghost, one would swoosh away a curious would shoot questions. The fact that Ed Lorrain did not try to discover the potential of that inhuman phenomenon other than knowing that it could destroy that possessed family, itself states that they were possessed by fear which restricted their logical reasoning […]

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Storytellers’ fallacy part I

It started with she asking, “DO YOU BELIEVE IN THE SUPERNATURAL?” Miss Moody – When you put a question as ‘Do you believe in (something)?’ it really becomes more a question of faith and the thing you are required to believe in, seems really irrelevant. Belief is rarely substantiated with evidence, facts, tests and hypothesis; […]

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Miss Moody’s ensamble

“Stardust is men who fought bravely, women that loved fiercely, children whose laughs echo through the wind. It is broken hearts and slayed limbs, silent melodies and blank pages, colorless dreams and an empty hourglass.”     Miss moody

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